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Proteins are essential to animal nutrition, as they support animals’ growth and physical development. We consider protein crops like soybeans, sunflower seeds, rapeseed and some legumes rich in protein. Protein seeds are processed in factories in South America and Europe to obtain oil, which is used by the food and animal industry. The product that remains after extraction is the scrap (meal), rich in protein and also highly valuable for animal nutrition.


Cefetra Ibérica sells soybean meal and soyhulls in the Spanish animal feed market. Soya is the most complete protein seed because of its amino acid content and profile, and it is included in practically all animal feed. We market soybean meal mainly from South American countries.


Sunflower meal is widely used in the pig and poultry feed industries. We sell sunflower meal from the Iberian Peninsula.


Rapeseed meal is a good protein supplement for animal diets. We sell rapeseed mainly from Europe.

Protein-rich legumes

We include here seeds that, due to their characteristics, may be closer to proteins than to cereals themselves, such as legumes. Legumes (such as peas) also furnish diets with palatability, along with protein and soluble fiber. Cefetra Ibérica sells peas, lupines and beans from Spain and other European countries