About us


About us

Cefetra Ibérica is a Spanish company that forms part of Cefetra Group (the Rotterdam-based holding company), operating in Spain and Portugal.

We design efficient supply chains based on excellent logistics amongst suppliers around the world, so that our customers benefit from our extensive global network. We only work with high-quality, nutritional raw materials, and observe the highest food safety standards.

We choose sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions right from the beginning. This is why we also work in the field of digitalisation and new technologies: to optimise processes, and be more efficient and competitive.

our origins


Cefetra Ibérica, SL was founded as a company at the end of 2014, so our professionals have more than 15 years of experience in the sector.

Cefetra Ibérica is a subsidiary company of the German group BayWa, a company in the area of agricultural cooperative trading, today a leader in the origination and distribution of agri-food raw materials, services for farmers, and the promotion and development of renewable energy. The group’s strength provides us with a competitive advantage as a leading supplier of the agri-food industries, for both human and animal consumption on the Iberian Peninsula.

Cefetra joined the BayWa group in 2013, thereby bolstering its position as a leader in the distribution of agri-food raw materials. BayWa is the leading group in marketing and services for the agri-food sector in Germany, also a leading group in other sectors, such as energy and the distribution of construction materials.

With more than 17.000 employees (distributed in 40 different countries), Cefetra Group is the name of the Rotterdam-based holding company, where all international activities related to agricultural trade are centralised. The main divisions comprising the Cefetra Group are: Cefetra, Tracomex, Premium Crops, Royal Ingredients Group and BioCore, with cooperation between all of them guaranteeing our customers the best possible integrated and versatile service.


Mission, vision and values

Our mission is to provide our customers with real value, without neglecting social responsibility, with a constant focus on quality, sustainability, and efficiency. We care about both the planet and people.

We design an optimal supply chain, one adaptable to the different needs that arise in a constantly dynamic market.

We provide our customers with fast and efficient solutions, wherever they are, and whenever they need us.

We work in continuous cooperation with our global network of partners, and take advantage of the group’s synergies, which maximizes our value chain.


At Cefetra Ibérica we know that the Spanish market cannot be understood without having a foot on the ground and working with farmers on site. That’s why, since the very beginning, we decided to support local commerce and direct customer service with partners and collaborators of the highest level of confidence and with a focus on key productive areas in Spain.


We’ve been working with our partners from Baltanás, Cereales y Abonos in the province of Palencia since 2016 to provide a service to our customers. We also work with local producers of wheat, barley, sunflower and other products from the Cerrato area. Thanks to our facilities in Baltanás and Torquemada, we serve more than 500 farmers annually, collecting their agricultural production and offering advice and distribution services of fertilisers and seeds. Through Baltanás, Cereals y Abonos we also offer agronomic advice and facilitate the distribution of crop protectors and nutrients, where our colleagues from Agrosenara offer services to a further 500 farmers of various crops in various locations.

Torralva de Calatrava:

Our service centre for farmers in Ciudad Real is in Torralva de Calatrava. Together with Hijos de Manuel Hidalgo and Fitohidalgo, we offer a wide range of services to farmers of all types of crops in La Mancha. Our work there covers the entire cycle of sowing, including the distribution of seeds, offering our clients agronomic, nutritional and phytosanitary advice services, and even covers the harvesting period.