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Grains are an essential part of animal nutrition, as they constitute half of recommended daily rations (and even more than half, in some cases). They provide the energy and fibers necessary for optimal animal development and healthy intestinal tracts. Also, cereals, such as wheat and barley, are very important in the food industry, for the production of flour and malt, respectively. In addition, cereals are increasingly used for the production of bio fuels, as part of a commitment to a sustainable future.


Cefetra Iberica provides wheat to the flour and animal feed industries. Wheat is highly valued for its digestibility and starch content, which is a strong source of energy. We sell wheat mainly from countries belonging to the European Union and Ukraine.



Barley is used both for animal feed and by the beer industry. Like wheat, its starch content is highly prized as an energy source, as is its contribution of digestible fiber. We sell barley mainly from countries of the European Union, and of course, from Spain.


Corn is present in virtually all animal diets, but it is also used for the production of biofuels. It is a very digestible cereal, and rich in starch. We sell corn mainly from Brazil and Ukraine.


Other grains

In addition to traditional grains, Cefetra Ibérica also markets other types of grains, such as oats, triticale, and sorghum, both nationally and internationally, which serve as nutritional supplements to animal diets.