Cefetra Digital Services / Sembralia

The move into the digital age

Cefetra Digital Services / Sembralia

We seek to assist farmers and organisations in the process for the digital transformation of the agricultural sector. We promote the use of innovation applied to agriculture by pursuing reduced environmental impact, cost optimisation and production maximisation 



  • To serve as a reference point, leading the transformation of the sector and guiding the process of change 
  • To provide support and training to the main stakeholders in the agricultural sector 
  • To obtain measurable savings in water consumption through digital technology 
  • To reduce the rural/urban gap
  • To improve farmers’ quality of life 
  • To expose users to products and services 
  • To reduce supply consumption in agriculture through efficient appli
Digital transformation


A digital platform of products and services providing valuable information for crop management. We optimise performance, save resources and promote efficient and sustainable management.