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In the area of animal feed, everything can be useful, and the processing of many raw materials yields a high number of by-products from cereals, seeds, and fruits, and other industries, highly prized for daily rations. Many of these by-products are a major source of fiber and contain valuable ingredients, such as sugars, proteins, and oils.

Wheat bran

Wheat bran is a by-product of the flour industry. It is a raw material rich in fibres and with moderate starch content. It is commonly used for pigs and cattle, and very popular. We sell wheat bran from Spanish and European flour mills.

Palm kernel meal

Palm kernel meal is a by-product of palm kernel oil industry. As with oilseeds, is the cake that remains after the pressing process. Palm kernel meal is a product rich in fibre and fat. It is widely used for ruminants, but also for pigs. We sell palm kernel meal mainly from Indonesia and Malaysia.

Sugar beet pulp

Sugar beet pulp is a by-product of the sugar industry. Rich in soluble fibres, it also contains sugars with an interesting energy value. Sugar beet pulp is very common in the diets of gestating and lactating sows, and also for ruminants. We sell sugar beet pulp from Europe and other non-European countries.

Soy hulls

Soy Hulls is a by-product of the soybean industry: the envelope of the oilseed. It is a source of fiber, widely used for ruminants and pigs. We sell soy hulls from South American countries.

Oat hulls

Oat hulls is a by-product of the food industry. Consists of the envelopes of oat seeds, that are used for consumer products, such as energy bars and breakfast cereals. It is a very digestible fiber source, rich in starch and sugars. It is used in the diets of gestating and lactating sows, as well as for ruminants. We sell domestic oat hulls.


We include new raw materials here, whether they are cereals, seeds, fruits or by-products of the industry processing. Many of the raw materials that are commonly used today started out as specialties or novel products.

PKFAD (Palm Kernel Fatty Acid Distillate)

PKFAD is obtained by distilling the oil obtained from palm kernels. It is a functional fat rich in medium-chain fatty acids, which makes it ideal to help control antibiotics in animal formulas. Medium-chain fatty acids are a powerful natural antimicrobial agent, and promote excellent intestinal health.


Linseed is very rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which favours the Omega-3 content of final livestock products (such as eggs). Linseed is also used because gives animal hair a lustrous appearance. It is used mostly in ruminants, horses and pets. We sell linseed from Europe.

Dehulled faba beans

Dehulled faba bean is a widely used raw material for aquaculture. With its husk removed we manage to reduce the amount of anti-nutritional factors, concentrate protein level, and reduce the fiber, so it becomes a raw material that is easier to digest. We sell dehulled faba beans from Europe.

Olive pulp

Olive pulp is a by-product of the olive oil industry, and is a fibrous raw material, usually in the form of pellets, with a considerable fat content. This fat, in addition, is very rich in unsaturated fatty acids, so it is used to feed Iberian pigs, thanks to its positive effect on meat quality. Olive pulp is also included in formulas for hyper-prolific sows, and for some ruminants. We sell domestic olive pulp.

Orujillo (olive stones)

Orujillo is another by-product of the olive oil industry. Basically consisting of olive pits, it is rich in fibre and with high calorific value, making it ideal for both ruminant formulas and for use in biomass boilers.

Citrus pulp

Citrus pulp is a by-product from the juice industry. It is usually sold dehydrated, has a good energy value, and is rich in soluble carbohydrates and pectins. It is used, above all, in ruminants’ diets. We sell domestic citrus pulp.